May 2017 – Dividend

It’s the end of May again, Another round of dividends, comparing the amount with last year it’s around 180% more, due to new additions to the portfolio such as Munich Re. Still it’s a nice increase and one for the future. The goal is expanding the dividend income and this month is a nice example.

For the most part it’s recurring dividends however, it’s just that Munich Re is a big chunk in this picture.

The numbers:

18-05-2017 Apple Inc EUR 5,68
18-05-2017 Accell Group EUR 7,20
15-05-2017 K+S EUR 12,00
15-05-2017 NSI EUR 14,00
15-05-2017 ONEOK Inc USD 5,54
12-05-2017 ASML Holding EUR 4,80
11-05-2017 Amsterdam Com EUR 22,50
04-05-2017 Bayer EUR 13,50
02-05-2017 Muenchener Re EUR 129,00

Total 214,22

November 2016 – Dividend

This months dividends are small , but there’s still some. The year is almost over and over the next few weeks I will think about the goals for next year. They will be small and manageable and fun. I will keep you all updated on all things in life. But that’s for another post. This one is about dividends. So without further delay, November dividends:

14-11-2016 ONEOK Inc EUR 4,87
10-11-2016 Apple Inc EUR 4,66

Total 9,53

Not much but all little bits help. On to next month.

October 2016 – Dividend

October is nearing the end and I am once again doing a round of dividends, it’s been a good month on the markets for me and I am slowly getting more insight in how to value company’s.
More on that later though. For now just the numbers.

28-10-2016 Dividend (Product: DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY ) EUR 3,91
26-10-2016 Dividend (Product: CISCO SYSTEMS INC. ) EUR 6,19
25-10-2016 Dividend (Product: GENERAL ELECTRIC ) EUR 4,30
14-10-2016 Dividend (Product: WHOLE FOODS MARKET IN) EUR 1,15
14-10-2016 Dividend (Product: W.P. CAREY INC. REIT) EUR 8,37
3-10-2016 Dividend (Product: COCA-COLA COMPANY (THE) EUR 4,46

Total EUR 28,38

Portfolio news – September 2016 additions

So for this portfolio update I have added a brand new name to the collection. It’s ASML a Dutch company that makes machines to produce all these wonderful chips we all need in our phones, computers and other selected devices of choice. It has been on my list for some time now. It’s been expensive lately and still is, but I simply decided not to wait any more to add this to the portfolio. Also because I suck at timing highs and lows of any stock I wish to buy.

The company has paid out a dividend of Euro 1,05 which is nice , but as makes the current price a bit high in terms of dividend return, nevertheless still good enough. The dividend is not guaranteed , one could say that’s the case per default for any company. But it’s not a member of the dividend aristocrats family. So they will not try to pay out dividends if it doesn’t suit the company’s goals. The company’s debt is slowly decreasing which is always good. One of the other risk factors with these highly expensive and long term products is the problems that can occur with delivery times , but that is the case with all producers of this kind of high tech. For me it’s a solid investment for the future, and I hope I can add to the position in the near future.

September 2016 – Dividend

Another month , another bit of dividend coming in this month, not much to add except the figures. Figuring out how to get a bit more revenue out of the portfolio, but since I’m very slow, this process is also very slow. Totals without tax, which will be deducted and reclaimed again at the end of the year, so irrelevant for this overview.

7-9-2016 Dividend (Product: UNILEVER DR) EUR 3,20
8-9-2016 Dividend (Product: MICROSOFT CORPORATION) EUR 3,10
9-9-2016 Dividend (Product: VANGUARD DIV APPRECIAT) EUR 1,02
9-9-2016 Dividend (Product: EMERSON ELECTRIC COMPA) EUR 4,09
19-9-2016 Dividend (Product: RDSA dvd reinvestment plan) EUR 42,18
19-9-2016 Dividend (Product: ICAHN ENTERPRISES L.P.) EUR 1,29

Total 54,88

Portfolio news – August 2016 additions

A bit late as I an busy taking more time off and balancing my energy, more on that in another post. The addition of August.

Only one addition this month, and yet again a extension of an existing position, namely Microsoft. It was a position that was not in line with the rest of the portfolio so it had to be adjusted. Most of the tech positions in the portfolio are performing well and I think Microsoft has more potential on the upside. The company is producing good results and while this may not be the best way to take investment decisions I love windows 10, it’s an excellent OS , fast and stable. And a lot of people agree. Also their development tools are great and they are doing a lot in the way of education and making people familiar with the software.

I think this can only get better, more and more people getting involved in tech will make for more innovations. Hopefully not only in just another app but also in research and other tech fields where you are bound to need software. All in all I am positive about Microsoft. Next month , well this month in the coming week I will get a brand new position. For the September addition.

August 2016 – Dividend

Dividends again, always a good thing. As always the markets are moody as ever and nobody knows how long this ridiculous policy of low interest and buying huge amounts of bonds will go on. It has led to inflated markets and in the Netherlands , the old crazy pre credit crisis housing madness is back once again. This time with even lower rates. More debt at lower cost is still debt.

People don’t seem to mind and are paying large amounts of money for housing again. But more on that later, back to the dividends. It has been a slow month and I am looking for good ways to even out the monthly income from my portfolio. I am looking into various ways to do this. Maybe incorporate a bit more option strategies during the month. I now sell some for extra revenue. Which works great , so I am looking into ways to extend this.

Well, without further delays and small talk the August dividend result.

9-8-2016 Dividend (NSI) EUR 13,00
4-8-2016 Dividend (AMSTERDAM COMMOD.) EUR 5,60
15-8-2016 Dividend (Product: ONEOK INC. COMMON STO) EUR 5,23
11-8-2016 Dividend (Product: APPLE INC. – COMMON ST) EUR 4,85
16-8-2016 Dividend (Product: ONEOK INC. COMMON STO) EUR 4,63
12-8-2016 Dividend (Product: APPLE INC. – COMMON ST) EUR 4,34

Total EUR 37,65

July 2016 – Dividend

Another month gone and it’s time for the dividends, Ahold had a special dividend of 1,20 Euro per share due to the reverse split. This was because of the merger with the Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize. A bit of a slow month dividend wise. Keep you all posted on the progress.

01 July 2016 COCA-COLA COMPANY EUR 4,01
02 July 2016 WHOLE FOODS MARKET EUR 1,03
06 July 2016 UNIBAIL-RODAMCO EUR 4,85
15 July 2016 W.P. CAREY INC. REIT EUR 7,48
21 July 2016 AHOLD EUR 12,14
27 July 2016 CISCO SYSTEMS INC. EUR 5,56


May 2016 – Dividend

Another month has passed and its time again for the dividends. A nice month.
I will be reinvesting all dividend’s, and hopefully this will lead to more growth in the portfolio.

Dividends without the tax:

4-mei Dividend (AHOLD KON) EUR 5,20
12-mei Dividend (NSI) EUR 14,00
12-mei Dividend (K+S AG NA O.N) EUR 28,75
12-mei Dividend (APPLE INC. – COMMON ST) USD 5,04
13-mei Dividend (ADIDAS AG NA O.N) EUR 8,00
13-mei Dividend (ONEOK INC. COMMON STO) USD 5,44
20-mei Dividend (Product: ACCELL GROUP) EUR 7,20

Total EUR 73,63

April 2016 – Dividend

I always like to watch the dividends come in. Someone famous said something along those lines. I need to lookup the exact quote.
Well it’s a lot of fun. This month has been a good month. Next few months will be a bit more slow dividend wise.

Anyway, these are the numbers. I will be posting about the April additions to the portfolio somewhere next weekend. Enjoy your weekend!

In Euro without the tax :

1/04/2016 Dividend (COCA-COLA COMPANY (THE) EUR 2,63
11/04/2016 Dividend (NEDAP) EUR 25,60
12/04/2016 Dividend (ICAHN ENTERPRISES L.P.) EUR 1,13
15/04/2016 Dividend (W.P. CAREY INC. REIT) EUR 7,32
19/04/2016 Dividend (WHOLE FOODS MARKET IN) EUR 1,02
25/04/2016 Dividend (Product: GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPA) EUR 1,73
27/04/2016 Dividend (Product: CISCO SYSTEMS INC. -) EUR 5,47
28/04/2016 Dividend (Product: MUENCH.RUECKVERS.VNA O.N) EUR 41,25
29/04/2016 Dividend (Product: DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY) EUR 3,93

Total 90,08

Edit 03/05/2016. Forgot the Dow Chemical dividend. Added it.