Portfolio news – June 2016 additions

June has seen 2 additions to existing positions. First I added to the position of K+S AG , simply to balance the position in line with the rest of the portfolio. It is still a very solid investment in my opinion. Second I added to my position General Electric , pretty much for the same reasons as my initial purchase. Solid earnings, good dividend and a back to basics strategy.

For the most part I am happy with my portfolio at the moment. In the coming months I will add new company’s to the portfolio the last months were pretty much about balancing things out and buying at lower share prices. Which is always good.

Portfolio news – May 2016 additions

The portfolio in May has seen one new addition. Amsterdam commodities otherwise known as Acomo. It’s a trader in all sorts of agricultural products, they trade seeds, nuts, tea and all sorts of other ingredients.

They have a healthy dividend stream and I think the commodities trade will pick up more in the not to distant future, especially food related.

Some further information can be found on their website. Acomo 5 year numbers

Portfolio news – April 2016 additions

Another month and a few new additions to the Portfolio. First is NSI , which is a real estate company. They have offices and shopping malls they rent out, a tricky business at the moment. They offer full service solutions and advise as well. Which I think is the way forward, not just rent it out and see if the renter makes it but help their business as well.

So that makes this purchase one with a bit more risk. It’s relatively cheap and pay’s nice dividend, just under 4% of current share price. The debt is reasonable and should not be a problem in the coming years. The have an occupancy rate of around 77% which is not bad.

Next additions are too existing positions, Coca Cola and Munich Re. Coca Cola got a bit beaten up on the day when the results came out. So I bought some. Making the position up too par within the portfolio.

Munich Re has been available with a bit of a discount , and needed to be more in line with the rest of the portfolio. It’s a very stable company with a impressive history and solid dividend payments.

Portfolio news – March 2016 additions

March is done so it’s time for the portfolio additions for March , the February update and buying didn’t go according to plan when I got stuck in hospital.

So everything happened in March. I added Cisco to the portfolio, Cisco produces high quality network solutions and helps companies implement them, it was on the list to buy for some time.
It has risen in the last couple of months which made it a bit expensive. But I bought it just before the dividend date and so I will receive the first upcoming dividend payment.

The company has a dividend of around 3,5% with current prices. Which is good it also has been paying dividends since 2011, has a P/E ratio of 14 which is good. I think the company will continue to grow and be a major player in the network solutions market. They also have more cash than debt which is also good.

I will be adding to the position in the future.

Portfolio news – January 2016 additions

A new month and new additions to the portfolio. The markets have taken a dive in recent months so there should be some bargains out there.
The main concern is the oil price , which is getting lower and everyone is lowering the price target for this year.
The world has a surplus now but once the dust settles prices will recover and Shell will be well positioned.

The decline in the international markets will continue for some time I think, for the long term portfolio this is not bad at all, it leaves room for buying some nice dividend stocks.
For the additions this month I looked towards Germany and in the Netherlands. Starting off here, I bought one share of Unibail Rodamco. It’s a real estate company which owns a lot of real commercial real estate, mainly shopping. Shopping is dying , everybody seems to think these days. I am old school and I like a physical shop, you see the products try them and get service.

I see a lot of people shopping for speciality items, food, cloths etc. It’s about the experience, the run of the mill discounter will not cut it but the quality shops certainly will.
And in this department they have a nice segment of high end commercial property. The dividend has just been raised which is good and sits around 4%. The Q4 results were solid and I think they will continue to be.
In Germany I added 1 new company’s to the portfolio. It’s the insurer Munich Re , a very solid company with an ever growing dividend. It might be a bit expensive but even at the current price it will give out a 4,7% dividend. Which is very good, and it’s increasing.

Portfolio news – December additions

So it’s December again, end of the year and the last stocks I bought this year. Rocky markets all round with declining commodities , nervous currencies and bond issues. Hopefully I have managed to select a few nice stocks. I am also researching alternative energy company’s away from the oil, gas sector. Which has not been easy, most don’t pay dividends yet and are heavily indebted. So this is something to work on more in the next few months. I also want to invest more in technology and engineering. Any helpful insight will be much appreciated.

Ok back on topic, what did I add to the Portfolio. New to the portfolio are Accell, Whole foods and Disney.

An interesting addition is Accell which is a Dutch bicycle manufacturer, a steady growing business , especially the e-bikes, which allow older people to still enjoy long distance bike tours. More importantly there may be a nice future for longer distance commuting using the battery packs and the electric power to ease the bike ride. So you don’t need to take a shower upon arrival at the office. If everyone does this the Paris eco agreement goals are easily obtainable.

I personally like bikes very much, I don’t own a e bike since I have sufficient condition to take longer rides and since being fit is the new wealth I can only see this business grow. The products are of great quality and the sale numbers are solid. They also pay out a bit of dividend, not a lot percentage wise , but I think the dividend will grow along with the business.

Disney is something I had set my eyes on for some time. It’s maybe a bit expensive , but it has come down somewhat from the 120 dollar per share earlier this year. Having seen the new Star Wars film I am sure they will generate a lot of business from this franchise. They also have been paying dividend for a long time. I think this will be around the 120 again soon. And hopefully they will rise the dividend payment.

Last addition this month is whole foods. They say they are the healthiest supermarket in the US, well a lot healthier than others I have visited and they are building more supermarkets in area’s where fresh vegetables and fruits, and all other healthier foods are not available. And have programs for sustainable fishing growing etc. This is a very good thing, so this purchase has been done more from the fact I like their view of things than anything else. They do pay out dividend and I think they will raise this in 2016. It’s a bit expensive now but as with everything, it’s all for the long term. Hopefully lot’s of people will see the benefits of healthy food.

Portfolio news – November additions

So it’s November again and this month has seen the following additions to my portfolio. Adidas is the first one, just 5 shares as it is a bit expensive at the moment. One of the reasons I bought the stock is I really like the shoes. I have some and always wear them. Apart from that there is the dividend, which is a bit low in percentage, current stock price is 88,15 and the with 2,38 dividend. Which is 2,67 % , decent enough. Another plus is the company has no more cash than outstanding debt. I am going to add to this position over time.

Another stock I added is ONEOK. A gas company, which has been hammered this year,it has been paying out dividends for a very long time, it’s around 8%. Which is high. Too high most people say. But I am confident the energy market will rebound and natural gas is still a very important energy source. So I think of the current price as buying with a discount. I added 10 shares to the portfolio.

Portfolio news – October additions

This month I added Nedap to my portfolio, Nedap is a Dutch company which designs and builds solutions for energy , healthcare , transportation solutions etc. The dividend yield is around 4% at the current share price. It’s by no means a fast company which I very much prefer. It has been growing steadily over the years with solid results. Since they are active in markets which will grow in the future I am very confident they will be able to keep paying the dividends.

Some figures : The cash flow per share is 4,25 in Euro. Dividend over 2014 1,25 per share. Earnings per share 2,67.

I think this is a good and welcome addition to my portfolio.

Portfolio news – June/July additions

My latest additions are Dow chemical and Unilever, both were on the buy list for some time and with the new month coming both were bought. Apart from the obvious dividend payments they both are very well established in their markets. Dow has been paying out dividends for decades now and recently increased a buy back program. In the meantime they went ex dividend so the first dividends should roll in shortly.

Unilever has been on the list for a while now , solid and a bit boring company maybe.

The markets are never boring however and today proved it, lot’s of Greece stuff taking the markets down a notch. But that’s not too bad since you can buy stocks with a bit of a discount. Currently I am working on a nice way to show my portfolio on this site. Maybe I’ll start simple with just an overview. For now have a good day.